Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Services

Our team offers a complete range of archaeological services. Service areas include, pre-development planning, historical resource overviews and surveys, historical resource impact assessments, construction monitoring, mitigation planning and execution, and training.

Pre-Development Planning

Archaeological and other historical and cultural resources are widely distributed in western Canada, but often those resources are not easily recognized or discernible. We work with clients prior to commencement of development to advise them on the likelihood and type of historical resources they may encounter. We also work with project managers and supervisors to inform them of appropriate regulatory requirements.

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Historical Resource Overviews

We undertake overview analyses on behalf of clients to determine whether full impact assessments are necessary. Overview assessments identify areas requiring more detailed evaluation, and eliminate areas that have little potential to disturb historical resources from the impact assessment. Overviews can often significantly reduce historical resource impact assessment costs for clients. In Alberta, overviews are referred to as Statements of Justification.

Hist_Res_Imp_Ass_Field Survey
Historical Resource Impact Assessments

Our team assumes full responsibility for conducting historical resource impact assessments and acquiring historical resource approval to proceed with the project. We conduct preliminary surveys, archival and other research and assist clients in decisions regarding known or anticipated impacts to historical and cultural resources.

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Mitigation Services

Should a development project occur in an area where historical resources require mitigation, we work with clients and regulatory agencies to develop a mitigation plan that will ensure the resources are managed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

monitoring with First Nations

We offer monitoring services to search for historical resources during project construction. Staff are safety accredited and have carried out construction monitoring for a wide range of project types, including but not limited to, pipeline, highway and transmission line construction, as well as other linear projects, mining developments, forest harvesting, recreational developments and aggregate quarries.

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