About Us

The A and E Arrow Group has extensive experience within the fields of archaeology and natural resource management. We support genuine engagement and pragmatic problem solving related the human dimension of environmental planning and historical resource consulting services. In addition to our core members, the A and E Arrow Group utilize a network of archaeologists, paleontologists, environmental and cultural resource specialists to carry out project activities and meet client needs. Our core team includes,

Our Core Team

Neil Mirau Senior Archaeologist

Neil has worked in archaeology for over 20 years as a historical resource consultant and university faculty member. While his areas of expertise include the application of geology and geomorphology to archaeological problems and research, and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, Neil is also an experienced project manager with knowledge of all services related to historic resource management. Neil maintains an active role within many First Nation communities in Alberta both as an educator, and as support for cultural and archaeological activities.

Don BorasArchaeologist/GIS specialist

Don has worked as a historical resource consultant for 15 years and brings his experience as an instructor of archaeology at the University of Lethbridge and Red Crow Community College and as a coordinator at Lethbridge Community College. His areas of archaeological expertise include stone tool production and analysis and the archaeology of plains environments. Don has lead training sessions for First Nations and has provided support for numerous traditional land use surveys. Don is an experienced GIS technician and holds archaeological permit status in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Paul McLauchlinProfessional Biologist

Paul has 20 years of experience in the environmental field specializing in public consultation, multi-stakeholder facilitation, environmental assessment and training in Aboriginal communities. With a background in wildlife biology, conservation and business administration, Paul has worked with government, Aboriginal communities, multi-stakeholder groups and industry on environmental planning and resource development projects throughout Alberta. Paul’s experience within the public and private sectors offers a level of professional insight that serves to support clients in making strategic management decisions.

Erin SlaterProfessional Biologist

Erin has over 15 years of experience working in consulting, government, and research positions. She has worked on a variety of projects in the natural resource and energy sectors and draws on her experience as biologist and background as an environmental educator to design, implement and support collaborative and community based projects, primarily with First Nations. Erin has coordinated large and small-scale Aboriginal consultation programs and has managed First Nation participation in monitoring and field activities conducted as part of the environmental assessment process and within parks and protected areas.

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